INTRICATION by TK KIM album release 20th jan 2016


Intrication/Entanglement, the latest album from multimedia artist, TK Kim, is born of the moment captured, virulent cells on a thin slide, the ephemeral that lives, burns, fades, dies, turns to dust, evidence of existence in substance. Encapsulated in sound and vision. Everywhere she travels she is armed with a camera and sound recorder, her indispensable tools. Though not to a capture a mood but rather the opposite, the collecting of fragmental debris; an image, a sound, a chance meeting, the colliding of souls. In fact, anything that emotive connects with the human heart. Within that lies the story itself. Unprepared, fabulously incongruous and unconscious. Developing a musical photograph of what cannot possibly last but has existed.
Creating songs and videos that deal with subject matter such as illegal nights(?) in Berlin, solitary turmoil and isolation in New York or disillusionment and emotional collisions in Paris. Of life. A life between moments.
Stuck on automatic, TK Kim absorbs, vibrates and retransmits what was experienced. Regurgitating, spewing out words of unprepared text. Remaining true to her ethos of “One shot, one take.” Any possible errors are not mistakes as she resolves, “You have to love the imperfect since life itself is imperfect.”
She films, she records, everything and anything.
“During the assembly process one can lie about truths. Or can believe in the lies. Everything is an illusion.”
Entanglement, the sonic representation, is a confluence of lo-fi experimentation, modular synths and old drum machines, and rock oriented instruments, delicious guitar riffs and throbbing bass. With TK Kim slamming over and behind the rich layers of sonic textures producing a dark and sensuously melancholic pop.
Fascinated by the field of science and dipping into quantum mechanics she builds her own model. Defining entanglement as two objects who share the same properties but separated from each other by large spatial distances she ponders on the notion of, what happens to one is “Felt”, absorbed, reflected by the other.
If it can happen to photons, proposes TK Kim, why not human beings?
“There are unexplained and intractable things. Destinies of two bodies correlated even although they haven’t met”.
Subscribing to that proposition TK Kim assumes the role of a photon, a free spirit, a creative atom in an infinite universe. And somewhere out there is a twin photon, atom B, that feels and acts, reacts to TK Kim. Symmetrical empathy in a mirrored universe. Action, reaction, cause and effect between two artists who have never met, never shared influences. Who know nothing of the lives of each other, know nothing of the practices of the other. No questions asked, no answers given. Age, personal histories remaining to a degree irrelevant. Mysterious creative exchanges across the ether, art in folie deluxe.
TK Kim propels her endeavour, abundant and radiant energy and commitment, witnessed in her blog (tkkim), through exhibited works in spaces (Daniel Tanner Gallery), through films (BANG, MOCT), in performance dance (Butoh). Now the possibilities open up. Somewhere, whether it’s Moscow, Seattle, or Mars, some unknown nonspecifically targeted person receives a sense of urgency and is compelled to react. The symbiosis of atoms A and B. Though light years from each other. Distant dreams are future songs. The entanglement realised in the eponymous album will be released in two phases: Action/Reaction.