About us

We are NEOPREN RECORDS, based in Basel / Switzerland, Berlin / Germany and Paris / France.

At our headquarters, based in Basel, there is the label management, A&R and our production – and mastering studio. To get yourself a picture, imagine the following: Almost a museum and one of the largest collections of working synthesizers in Europe, all of them playable by midi-CV/Gate! Our studio contains over 200 vintage synthesizers, drum machines, vocoders and any kind of other weird sound generating devices. Combine that with a high-end, partly custom built sound system and state-of-the-art soundprocessors (Manley, Drawmer, Avalon, Eventide, etc) and you get a wonderful playground for every sound addict.

However, NEOPREN Records is not just a record label. We are also a booking agency. This is where Berlin and Paris comes in. Our Staff in Berlin and Paris mainly takes care of bookings but also of our distribution, promotion and artwork as well as web design. They also manage our events in the particular countries.

We are not only focusing on sound. There is also our visual-art division called NEOPREN EDITION which combines visual arts and club-culture by organizing events and release DVD’s with/about artists with a more visual focus.

We are constantly looking for artists, who wish to cooperate, participate, and help to make things happen. The label’s philosophy is to share and promote talents, exchange know-how and to put together complementary competences in order to build a wide and evolving platform for artists to create audio-/visual art on an electronic background.

We don’t just love music – we live it! We are NEOPREN Records!