Animaltek / Bio

Oleg Slepak and Shay Raban ( aka DJ Earthian) are Animaltek, Producer/DJ duo from NYC, that explores the wide range of sound and rhythmic possibilities for dance floor theory and practice.

Hitting to the center of the heat in the early fall of 2007 with a debut EP ‘Karmik loops’ on WIR, both sides of the which on numerous occasions reached air play from some of the World’s Top DJ’s such as John Digweed, Sasha, Satoshi Tomie, Anthony Pappa, among others, Shay and Oleg followed with a few strong releases in 2008 on both Cologne legends like Treibstoff and WIR and Canadian Thoughtless music, to a massive rave reviews from DE:BUG, the french TSUGI and ‘Progressive-Sounds’, and appearing in the charts of Mathias Schafhauser and DJ Hell and other well known DJ’s.

After a recent bombarding of live performances in London, Leipzig and at the Treibstoff’s 11th year anniversary party in Cologne’s infamous club Odonien, where the stage was shared with Masters of techno like Gabriel Ananda, Robert Babic, Italoboyz and Marcel Janovsky, those American wonder tweakers made a serious buzz among party goers and music analyzers, representing the underground New York sound and vibe.