Falko Brocksieper


Falko Brocksieper / Bio

Falko Brocksieper runs the labels Sub Static and Karloff Rekordings, along with MIA. Originally started as a platform for own & a few friends’ productions in 2000, Sub Static soon developed to be a wellknown address for the many of versions minimal techno, featuring international artists.
When the reliable dancefloor compatibility of the label established itself more and more, there was the decision to found a second label, Karloff Rekordings, in order to provide an own seperate playground for more experimental and absurd techno approaches. Recently Sub Static had a little jubilee with its 60th release, and also Karloff has rallied its own devoted fan community around itself.

After Falko Brocksieper had made the first sequencer experiences on an Amiga 500 in his younger days, he decided in 1999, during his studies at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, to focus on music production again, after some activities in video art and installation.

Falko Brocksieper’s first record was released on Sub Static in 2001, followed by further 12’es on the own label, as well as on Resopal, Treibstoff, Dumb Unit, Tongut, and most recently Tuningspork. In 2003 he finished his debut album ‘Hoax Deluxe’, which manifested his style between hypnotic minimalism and buzzing, organic analog funk. Thereupon Brocksieper was also in more demand as a remixer, thus he supplied interpretations for Akufen, Basteroid, Gabriel Ananda, Sid LeRock, Solieb, Dapayk & Padberg and more.

In 2004 Falko Brocksieper left his longstanding homebase Cologne, to refuel with new energy and inspiration in Berlin, which has already shown effect in a number of new releases & remixes since. Currently he is working on his second album, which will be released in 2007.

As a DJ Falko Brocksieper is active since 1993, and a dancer in a club recently described his style as ‘intelligent and optimistic’, which applies by no doubt. Moreover, he always places special value on mixing up the most recent techno-, house- and minimal records with much-remembered, or even bygone & forgotten classics, in order to pay tribute to simply good and timeless music in his sets.
Intensity, energy, and the fun to take a risk are the attributes to characterize Falko Brocksieper’s djsets since many years.