James Taylor / Swayzak


James Taylor / Bio

some kind of polish work for union, but maybe something to do with patrick swayze. Born of dole and london boredom, the Swayzak emerge slowly from a small room in W10.

Influenced by the westway, tea and bad tapes, the band start to actually make records. Via a curious route of magazine covers, glastonbury and benjamin zephaniah we find ourselves back almost where we started. ready to jump back in the car until we get to the next service station.

During 15 years of making records and doing live shows with Swayzak, James S. Taylor has played the world-over from huge festivals to squat parties via some of the finest underground clubs. With 5 cd releases, more than 40 singles and 300+ live sets he has learned his craft over time and with experience.

Since leaving Swayzak in 2011, Taylor is now ready to step out of the comfort zone and venture into new musical territories – he explains… “My live sets are exactly that LIVE, they dont sound like a dj set nor do they feature preproduced or arranged tracks, but are an organic improvisation in real time with all the thrill and danger of live music” In these times of often sterile, super-clean, over produced dance music Taylor’s live sets brush away the boredom with passages that venture into abstraction via noise and tripped out audio whilst always retaining the core elements of jacking funk and dub effects. From ear splitting white noise to
the warmest chords in a matter of seconds, this is a truly different experience.

James is at the same time stepping out of clubland into the classroom to teach and give masterclasses with Ableton Live, hoping to share some of his aquired knowledge in the aim to rid the world of boring live sets. He is also working with his experimental music project Lugano Fell, which eschews the computer for a hands-on / edge of chaos performance using old vinyl and dumb 90’s samplers.