Lucio & Pep


Lucio & Pep / Bio

In May 2006, the brothers Lucio and Giuseppe Carpentieri had their first experience in the main stream of the electronic music, after very much of their life looking for their own music identity and following different stages to reach their aim: from their first steps as djs to their first home-made productions.

When they became aware of their potential, and of their original sound that would characterise their musical style, they set up the Lucio & Pep project.Their ability and their experience, their “Age of Broken mind” project and the launch of their record company, through which they produced their first E.P., allowed them to be appreciated soon by others in the music business.

Since then the two brother signed contracts with important labels such as: Ware, Regular, Maschine, Elektrotribe, Extrasmart (Karate Group). With a large digital discography and after close experience with the Regular Iberian, they joined with the famous German label: “Ware” established by the great Mathias Schaffhäuser about 10 years ago.

Now (September 2007) you can find them everywhere, their success has been strengthened by the release of their first album: Lucio & Pep “Our Fuck House” (Elektrotribe). With them you can discover new stylistic and musical suggestions, moving from electronic music to house music and from minimal to glitch. Each song is different from the other and all events are emphasised by new inventions.

It’s easy to understand why the admiration of other international djs for their songs is increasing: Claudio Coccoluto, Francesco Farfa, M.A.N.D.Y., Mauro Picotto, Jaumetic, Mathias Schaffhäuser, Agaric, Monika Kruse, Dj Chloé, Apoll, Joy Kitikonti, Martin Eyerer, Electric Indigo, Andreas Henneberg, and many other djs. Two further E.P.s have been released, on Maschine Ltd by the great Oliver Lieb and on Extrasmart Records (The new label by Karate Gruop) with a remix by the German Ron Flatter.

Lucio & Pep regulary collaborated with “La Noche Escabrosa” (a national radioshow on air on M2O), Fuckin Famous Radioshow (a radio program on air in Ukraine), Radio Bussola 24 and Dejavu Staff of Salerno. As a Dj Team they began in Berlin the capital of electronic music, in June 2007 at ZMF where they returning for the POPKOMM in September 2007.

They have wide of set ranging from minimal to techno music, and both do Live or Dj Sets. During their performances the brothers are often provocative and comical, behaving as off-the-cuff actors and comedians, entertaining their fans above all it must be fan. For more information check out on youtube to see by which syndrome they are affected.