TK.KIM aka POP-3


TK-KIM aka POP-3

TK.KIM, vietnamese-french video-artist, painter, musician and writer, in cooperation with a swiss musician (Philippe Alioth, pop-3) deals with “Extimacy”: the innermost desires, thoughts, fears of all of us, worn like a skin visible to anyone. What is meant to be kept inside us gets transformed into something public.

Nowadays, and especially since the blog-mania and reality-TV-virus has infected more and more people and made them share any smallest and most insignificant bit of their thoughts, intimacy seems to be abolished. Too many people’s secret gardens have become public space. Whether we want it or not, we’re confronted all the time with something that a person would/should usually keep to her/himself; displaying your intimate thoughts makes you be part of modern life, of the real or virtual worldwide daily media-happening. And we the people of consumers are greedy to see, hear and read more and more of other people’s not-anomore-intimate feelings.

TK.KIM melts together physical and psychological terms: projections in a Freudian sense, in other words fantasms, fears, desires, delusions, become images, sounds, videos, poems…