René Breitbarth


René Breitbarth / Bio

René first comes into contact with house and techno in his original home city Cologne. It is in the beginning of the 1990s, where the brooding Cologne scene, with clubs like Space and Warehouse, coins René’s musical education. But far more than the DJing, René is enthused by the production of music a passion that will stay with him until today. In 1994 he releases his first track on a CDcompilation and two years later he starts to release his tracks on white labels that he distributes in local record shops. Very quickly René the sympathetic house purist – becomes an established item within the Cologne techno circus. As a logical consequence René starts his own label Treibstoff together with Marcel Janovsky in 1997 and becomes the most featured artist on the label. Until today he has released more than ten EPs as well as two full-length albums on Treibstoff.

With the increase of his level of popularity, René starts to establish himself as a sought-after DJ. He gets to know the world and travels all around Europe without loosing focus on his first passion – the production of music. In 2003 his first album “Solar” is released on Treibstoff, only one year later “With a little Luck” – his second album – is released. Both albums are hailed by critics and ravers alike: They praise René intuitive production methods, his hidden melancholia and his very own construct of minimal techno. Quickly other labels turn their attention to him. He produces remixes on Pokerflat, Plastic City or records for Sub-Static. Also, René starts to perform live and keeps on working on new tracks and touching DJ sets.

René’s DJing is very multifaceted. He equally enjoys playing a primetime-set of minimal techno or a seemingly everlasting deep and rolling house set. He doesn’t have to decide – a fact that is mirrored in his productions, too. He has always done both: minimal tracks on labels like Treibstoff, Sub-Static or Neopren and deep, hypnotic house grooves on Spectral and Dessous. With the launch of his own digital label Deep Data, René Breibarth is planning to create a platform for his passion of deep house later in 2008. The label will at first only release René groovy house tracks – inspired by endless sets at the Club der Visionäre. Deep Data Vinyl releases follow in 2009.

To call René a euphoric melancholic would not be wrong. He is that kind of person that reflects about music, but rather produces and presents it. And he does that in many different ways: in the form of a live-act, a two-hour peaktime-set or a 15 – hour – long Deep House set at Club der Visionäre. His home is Berlin and the wide world of electronic music. His habitat, however, cannot be determined by geographic variables. It is located somewhere beautiful – somewhere in the middle, between house and techno.