Tanua / Bio

Born in Mexico City on 1986, showing interest for electronic music by her teenage years when she began to organize parties with the local djs in her area. These parties became bigger and so she got involved with other national organizers & djs till she joined the label Kinetik, where she found a family of authentic artists and pro-active people inside the real production of Mexico’s nightlife.
By the time she started oficially playing around the city, she found her perfect music partner in an other member of the same label, Dj Azymut, an amazing skilled djane who always was recognized into the mexican scene for her work promoting electronic music. Their union gave life later on 2006, to the project “The Femmes” taking these fun loving girls to gig all around Mexico playing with a feminine style under the vibes of house, electro & techno.

After experiencing amazing crows among the country by 2008 Tanua was seduced by her previous solo experiences in foreign lands, shifting her to settle out of Mexico and head towards Switzerland. With this radical change. Tanua went into a solitary period where she defined her art interests as her musical personality, after some time she felt the need to find a way back to her love for the electronic music into this new country. The response was very positive and so she started to mix all around the city of Geneva giving her the opportunity to have a spot and play at the Techno stage into the major electronic event of the city (Lake Parade Sensation).

In 2010 for work & study reasons she moved to Stockholm, where she got strongly influenced by the passionate energy of the Swedish crowd and specially of their Techno artists, she dedicated herself to her art and work interests while at the same time in her music side she started to meet more influential people in the European electronic scene and so, started officially some collaborations and projects with different artists opening the doors to new clubs and events around central Europe.

For 2011 Tanua officially joined 2 important well recognized labels. Neopren: Company basicly based in Basel / Switzerland and Berlin / Germany, they are on charge of Schallbox records as also Black Fox Music , constantly organizing parties and promoting artists with a new art concept all around Europe where Tanua found a perfect fit for her interest into contemporary art and electronic music. Pop.Corn Mexico: Well known worlwide booking agency and label that is on charge of the most important electronic events around the country with recognized international artists.