Theodor Zox


Theodor Zox / Bio

Theodor Zox was born and raised in Copenhagen Denmark, where he lives and works as a producer and graphic designer. His love for music starts at a very early age, when his father a disc jockey of the 70’s exposes him to jazz, funk, disco, dub and Kraftwerk. After almost a decad of solitary twisting and moulding sounds, he finally releases his first drops in 2003.

So far he has released critically acclaimed tracks on labels such as Morris Audio CS, Tic Tac Toe, Trenton, 3rd Floor, Cray1 labworks and Neopren.

Theodor Zox has performed exclusive livesets all over Europe in the last couple of years. Cities like Moscow, Berlin, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, London, Warsaw and many others have all felt the boom and dripping funk of Theodor Zox ass-shaking grooves.

His livesets are always energetic and functional showcases of his very own futuristic and sofisticated techno/house/funk style.