Toju Kae


Toju Kae

Born in the small but beautiful city Basel (Switzerland), „Toju Kae“ aka Florentin Berger moved to Vienna as a child, where he still lives and works. At the tender age of 8, his uncle introduced him to electronic dance music, in particular Techno and House. However, due to his general interest in music as such he also played in several punk & rockbands for a few years when he decided to make his own steps into electronic music by producing his first tracks and after some time he also started djing as „Monit“.

Never completely fulfilled with the limitations, that he encountered in producing House and Techno, he started approaching music production from a different angle and expanded his musical work to mainly two philosophical objectives:

Variety and no repeat.

After 2 years of locking himself into the studio – mainly to experiment with different instrumental modulations and producing techniques – Florentin Berger decided to come up with the project „Toju Kae“ in early 2012, driven by melancholic soundspheres, iterative beats and harmonies – calm but not quiet.