NEO003 Sure, you know APOLL, the man from Duisburg who’s been hiding in Switzerland for quite a while now, producing minimal stuff of the nice kind. And that’s what he did again, on his (and two friends’) new label (seems like TONGUT. alone was not enough fun).

APOLL and minimal, that means dry as the tundra… his bassdrums have, once again, the icecold charme of frozen lasagna; and along with these are served (once again, too, APOLL loves it and so do we) various audiosplinters and mean little sounds coming out of nowhere. And this all together will make your ears shake and your legs vibrate, or the opposite… the dancefloors will love it. It’s amazing how much ambience one can create using so little reverb…

Anything you do is more fun with others, so the guys from MISC. (yep, you know them, too) helped APOLL and cut and chopped his track in many little pieces and rebuilt it all new, so every sound can live and grow in a completely new environment.

NEOPREN003 brings the minimal-community two absorbing, flowing-staccato tracks in slender and elegant colours, good for the floor and good fort he ears, compact and reliable, urban and rhythmic like a swiss watch from Duisburg.

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