NEO006 In times long past Irish monks were instrumental in spreading Christianity throughout Western Europe. Today, surprisingly enough, it’s a musician from Hamburg that is responsible for spreading minimal electronic music and thus to a larger extent a almost non-violent ‘Missioning’ of the population of northern Germany.

Christian Quast: once made music from strange and beautiful tones, he created a radio show based on this music that struck a chord with it’s listeners, he DJ’ed and played live, founded projects and established communities. All this (apart from the radio show) he continues to do today, thank God … and thus it is with great pleasure that Neopren is proud to present the three-tracker “Hey Ladies”, from Mr. Quast.

Three tracks, that personify the women for after which they were named. Women of substance, smooth…. silky…. deep…. dynamic. Women with a deep throbbing Libido! Solid beats and fully rounded basses, harmonious elements and rudimentary melodies, let’s get to the point, these tracks are club tested Dancefloor killers.

The question remains: who are the mysterious three ladies? And why couldn’t Christian Quast come to the Popkomm? Was it really because of his pets? Purchase this record and perhaps you’ll find out.

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