NEO007 His name is Rene Breitbarth, hes from Cologne/Germany, living now in Berlin, hes quite well known already, of course, and hes been into making music for quite a while now. He also co-founded other labels, but we from Neopren are tolerant and like him all the same… we all have to collaborate, other labels are friends and not enemies, and the Neopren-records are easy to recognize anyway, thanks to the wonderful artwork! So, Rene Breitbarth (this means broad beard, but he does NOT have a beard) has the great honour to do the Neo007 release, that number so rich in mystery and fame.

This 007 “graveyard swing” release consists of two fantastic, pumping minimal tracks; the bassdrums go as deep under your skin as the most expensive bodylotion, the entire bouquet of the tracks is nicely balanced, and an entire basket full of rippling pearly ingredients will make many of you ask yourselves the “wuttisdatsound”-question… Especially this totally stonewashed pad-sound in one of the tracks has caused very pleased, sometimes even confortably concerned glances from the people to whom I played the track.

But lets leave the details apart, lets just insist on the fact that once more a young team of highly motivated and competent label-owners, in cooperation with a brilliant and keen-eared producer/musician, has proved that musical value can be created even in these tough times, affordable to a broad audience, and without any further need of hedging. So, we have rated this record “strong buy”.

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