NEO009 Springtime is back, blue sky and hayfever, the birds are singing in the trees, Neopren records is one year old, and in the mastering-studio next to my desk I hear the ass kicking rhythms of the Neo009.

Now, let’s not talk of the birds, but of this Neo009. It’s father is called Theodor Zox, he’s from Denmark and has accomplished many good deeds in recent times; like several fantastic records with Morris Audio, Tic Tac Toe and Trenton. Zox has originally been a graphic artist, but multitasking is a keyword of this 3rd millennium, so we may say that this record emanates a certain harsh precision, like a high end digital art print that even makes us doubt about Mondrian.

If Zox was a Sculptor, his works would be angled and polished, simple and magically effective. No sound on this record (which is called “more fluff”, which astonishes me) hangs around too long between the acrylic clear beats, the square waves are bellied and cold as Vodka from an iceberg, the higher frequencies refreshingly cool as hills in the highlands, and straight lines are the dominating theme by far; this is dance music in itself. The basses live in rich bounteousness which is strictly controlled, though. Why boom it when you can bang it? Perfect shapes, functional beauty and a refreshing taste will rock you. During any physical effort like dancing or so. Like DJing, too, actually.

This record is highly gainful for your warm summer nights, on a beach or in more urban settings.
Buy it soon and keep it in the fridge.

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