NEO016 A Skinnerbox, so I am told, is a box out of which jumps a little devil (or so) when opened, something that is meant to scare you.

Skinnerbox, that’s also two gentlemen, one of them immigrated from a far away country and both living in Berlin now. In their boxes there’s no devil (although the church has tought us all that the devil is everywhere, right?), but there are grandpa’s old synths, funnily and heavily beeping and bumping beats and basses, joy and fun as in Godzilla’s playroom, all of this tight and straight and boomy.

An absolute highlight is the appearance of mister RQM, grandmaster of rimes (“the Tape”), feeling at ease with these 2/4 beats like Fidel Castro behind the lectern. And then comes Mister Humantronic, his remix, finest tech that will wake up the beast even where no beast was ever before. A record to love and to pamper!

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