NEO019 From the very center of the Friedrichshain Galaxy, from Boxhagener Platz (locals may say Boxi), not far from Mister HUMANTRONIC’s hardwired headquarters, comes a fairly hot new piece of NEOPREN: “BOXI”. There’s a A side, “B yourself”, explosive and almost provocative, with that real beaty beat and a polysynth riff that will take the dancefloor directly to hystery! It’s strong… are YOU?

Then, from the same musical species, B1, “Lost in B”, fatter than a whopper, with more bass than you may expect in these hard times, and with tons of warehouse attitude… isn’t there this famous club near Boxhagener Platz????? B2 is called “around you”, almost a bit relaxed, with pads and ambience, glitch, surprising.

For the downloaders, there’s a digital bonus, “B for You”, stonewashed, round bass, freaky chords, the beat that we need, the dancefloor needs it, too… Four tracks, four letters… but the “B” word!!! “BOXI”… right?

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