NEO022After their Ep Silenzio (out of march 2012) presenting a space disco track with sensual vocals in italian and a cover of Robert Palmers pop anthem Mary & Johny, Theremynt has gone further into his exploration of their pop synth universe with a full Album entitled Space Control.

Composed of two individuals, Jan Richard, an ex-drummer who has fallen in love with synthetizers and Eva Peel both a Dj and singer, who had already released other electronic music projects, Theremynt is the result of the duets common vision of electronic music. They both confess a liking for space disco, krautrock, pop music, 70s, 80s synth composers and even more minimalistic approaches of certain Detroit artists.

This album, built like a sonic odissey contains eleven tracks that should enable you to take a full journey into the sound. From Fly to Morrocco up to Philippe K.Dicks Blade Runner tribute (Rachel Rosen), from Gavin Russoms influenced Electric ocean up to cinematic Farewell, the duet has been trying to explore a full spectrum of synthesized sounds without forgetting the dancefloor with other pieces such as Orbital journey or the Force.

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