NEO028_WEB_FRONT This sixth album is the story of an attempt to mourn. Mourning a brother in arms and the love of the woman of my lives. These two people, I’m sure I’ve known them “before”, I’ve recognized them in this new today, I’ll meet them again for my greatest happiness and hope, this time, theirs, so ours.

As Life, which is not a cube, this album is a patchwork of states of mind (desire, sex, anger, supplication, offensive, depression, forgiveness, love …), composers (Zôl, OP9, Stroke, Melanoboy, Midj Deal and myself) and styles (electro tek, hip hop, trip hop, dubstep).

If man is an animal who thinks too much, then what about the woman? Same thing! Feelings which animate as a straight couple or a gay couple. Equality, parallel lines, mirror: Love is universal even if the ass is always ahead of the wedding …

This album is my therapy in front of the world to digest and bounce because three words can change your life: “i miss you”. Thus we find unsuspected energy on our childhood part magnified by experience, this is how we stay alive.

I am not one of those who learn to do, I learn by simply doing, implying errors and oscillations and these imperfections make us hunters of dreams, human beings finally accepting their animal side. I’m not God (s), I do not give forgiveness to anyone for any reason MERCY MAYBE… through music I am a resilient and until the end, I will remain a warrior of love.

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