Cover Front Since the release of his debut album „Villa/11 Rooms“ in September 2013, the 23-year old Vienna-based Florentin Berger-Monit aka Toju Kae is well known for his intense, hypnotising ambient sound with melancholic undertones. Still mantaining a strict focus on the creation of atmospheres and soundscapes, his new EP „Shades“ offers a deep and broad range of sounds containing elegantly woven electronic textures, a driving bass and the ethereal vocals of Elena Shirin. Beside the original tracks „Shades“ and „Forest Fires Pt. 1“, the EP comes along with two remixes of the self-titled track by also Vienna-based DJ Philipp Lichtblau and Swiss producer and DJ Pol R giving „Shades“ a slightly cooler and even more danceable touch. „Shades“ is out on September 20th via Neopren Records.