Deintag_Lay_01.inddThe swiss-born musician Toju Kae lives and works in Vienna. In his music he melts various acoustic colors, moods and musical styles into an innovative and unique sound. The genre- spektrum of his productions ranges from playful electronica and reeled up techno/house-sounds to delicate future r&b and crispy bass music. After two celebrated albums („Villa / 11 Rooms“ & „Unfold“) and one single („Shades“), Toju Kae deliv- ers another impressive work with the release of „Deintag EP“ (Neopren Records).
The track „Deintag“ already appeared on the 2015 album „Unfold“. This release also contains a beat-drunk „Deintag (Toju Kae Re-Drum)“ version and a clubby remix made by the prestigious british producer Kelpe (D.C. Recordings / Drut Recordings). Toju Kae’s track „Deintag“ is a homage of impul- sive music-making between the atmosphere of departure and stagnation. He skillfully managed to work out a fascinating arc of suspense – hence, the track leaves enough space for diverse associations of the listeners.
Toju Kae used a piano, drum-machines and vocals for this track. He chased them through a lot of effects and created a dreamy and powerful electronica track.
The „Re-Drum“ version adds wondeful beats to that and the remix of Kelpe drags the track towards the dancefloor and adds his extraordinary style.
This release will delight electronica- and bass music-fans all around the globe and will cast a spell on DJs, listeners and connoisseurs. To say it in awkward marketing lingo: „This release is a must-have this spring!“