NEO502 TK.KIM aka pop-3, the french artist(s) that started as a lofi-disco-pop act and got more and more into something like electrohouse/minitec, but always with that little “french touch” that clearly distinguished her/them from most other acts of that scene, release her/their first online-album. And it sounds totally different, again!

After 4 years of electro-like beats, TK.KIM goes electronica or even chillout now: we find here rather soft, chilled-out, dreamy tracks, “obsolete” even played with a Wurlitzer e-piano, we have many weird sounds coming out of pop-3 huge vintage synth collection, we have TK.KIM’s charming voice and her wonderful, mostly french lyrics. The way she talks on her tracks sometimes even sounds like a contemporary and very female-feline version of Anne Clarke’s musical poems. The second part of the album, tracks 5 to 8, is taken from “motion projection”, a video/contemporary dance/music performance that TK.KIM first did in 2006 and 2007.

This album is a real goody for all people who search for relaxed, calm and somehow poetic moments, at home or in a club or bar, in a car, in a forest, on a beach, where ever. Music to feel good, but surely no superficial synth-tweaking.

For those who want more of it: TK.KIM’s first 90-minutes movie “Bang!” (“Bang!-le film”, you’ll find teasers on internet), to be launched around mai, will contain more music of this kind, that should also be available on CD or mp3.

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